Match 2 : Rohit or Rahane ?

Ok, First of all I am a doofus. In my infinite wisdom and amazing hand-eye co-ordination, I appointed Rohit Sharma as my Batting Star (who sits just below Dhawan) for the first match. Guess what ? Rohit Sharma’s team wasn’t even playing the match !

Apart from that, the first game went well for me. I’m sitting at the rank of mid 9000 with all my subs in hand. My aim is to breach the top 500 mark this season.

Coming to the second game, I already have Rahane, Smith, Stokes, Krunal and Rohit in my team. I don’t see the need of bringing anyone else. I’ll use my free sub to bring in a KKR player – Woakes (who hopefully plays in the next match). It’s a toss up between the two openers for the batting star spot: Rohit or Rahane ? I prefer Rohit because he is more destructive but as he’s coming off from a big injury layoff I’ll go with Rahane.

I have only one person playing this match who bowls and that is Ben Stoke. So, he’ll have to be my bowling star.

I expect Pune to win this match. Hopefully Rahane scores some runs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.47.34 pm

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