Match 3: Holding back on this one

With Smith, Rahane and Tahir (whom I subbed in at the last moment) all performing in the last match, I have leaped up in rankings beyond my wildest imagination. Which means I can take it easy in this match as I am not at all sure how it will pan out.

With my foreign spots reserved, I can not bring in any of the Gujarat’s foreign batsman. Raina is proving to be too expensive, and despite him playing twice in next 4 matches I can’t bring him in my team. I have Dinesh Karthik as my keeper and am hoping he gets a decent number of balls to face.

On the KKR side, I have Woakes in my team. I have brought in Gambhir as my free sub as he is a decent bet for batting star. I wanted to bring in one out of Chawla or Kuldeep as my spinner. However, I am not sure which one – in the end I decided to save my sub. Though the spinners can create havoc against a lineup dominated by foreign batsman.

So, that’s it. Not much riding on this match for me. I hope Woakes gets a few wickets to restrict GL ( though spinners have a better chance of doing it) and then, Gambhir ends up not out in a small chase.

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