Match Forecast: RCB to bat KXIP out of the game

My team has progressed quite nicely on the back of, if I say so myself, inspired selections of Warner, Rashid, Jadhav and K. Pandya over the last few matches. Rashid, mainly because no one seems to pick him – he is an unknown quantity after all. K. Pandya, because I rate him highly and he provides balance to my team at a low cost. Jadhav, because in the absence of ABD and Kohli he gets a good position to bat in and because Bangalore were playing their matches relatively quickly. But Warner? Surely that can’t be an inspiring pick. Well, it is for me and that is chiefly because I greatly value saving subs for the later part of the tournament. I already had Dhawan and Yuvi in my team for that match against GL. Also, I was bringing in Rashid as my bowling star. Yet, I brought in Warner (against my subs policy) because, let’s face it, GL’s bowling attack is a joke. Needless to say, Warner rewarded me with a quick fire 70 odd for trusting my gut.

Before Match 8, my team is ranked 276 with 3,267 points and 73 subs remaining.

Match 8, KXIP V RCB

  • Gayle – Not playing ! I was banking on him but will have to sub him out now. ABD gets in.
  • Jadhav – Already in the team and can be a good option considering his form and batting position. Only bring him in if you have more than 75 subs left.
  • T. Mills – I am carrying him from the last match and he has underperformed so far. He will be my bowling captain in this match but that is only because he is the only bowler in my team so far. I’d not pick him but if he’s already in your team, he isn’t bowling badly and with some luck can get a 3 wicket haul.
  • No KXIP player – I don’t like this team. Maxi and Miller are batting too low in my opinion and are not worth having (even after putting in a M.O.M performance last match). I would only suggest A. Patel for his canny bowling and the potential of a quick fire 30 odd.
  • Free sub – I am hoping to get Watson in. Depending on team composition.


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