14 April, MI vs DD

MI vs DD

My team hasn’t hit the straps so far in the tournament but I hope it will all change with this match. I already have Rohit, Lewis, Krunal from Mumbai and Munro, Pant from Delhi. I will not be using another sub for this match. Markande will come in for Mayank as my uncapped sub.

I see Mumbai winning this one with Rohit at the helm. He will be my PowerPlayer as well. If Mumbai bat first my second innings PP will  be one out of Munro or Pant, I might go with Pant this time – though there is not much to chose between them. In case, Mumbai bat second – I will pick Lewis as my second innings PP as Krunal might not even get the chance to bat.

I strongly recommend bringing Rohit in for this match. With his team losing 2 in 2 and him failing in both, he has a point to prove !

Here is a screenshot of my time before I make the changes:

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 2.06.27 am



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